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When proposing a submission, please state the field, the language and the genre of your contribution. Please also add a short abstract. You will find below our scope of argumentative genres.

  I.   ARTICLES are peer-reviewed pieces that make a scholarly contribution to a particular research field. Articles are 4,000–10,000 words in length, excluding references.

  II.   ESSAYS are perspective pieces presenting a unique viewpoint on existing problems and concepts regarding a specific topic. They may propose a new theory and discuss its implications.

  III.   LETTERS are essays of report or prospective debate among researchers, academics and intellectuals. It is courteous to notify addressees before submitting open letters. The right of reply is warranted.

  IV.   REVIEWS are discussions of a recent publication focusing on themes relevant to a field of culture, art and humanities.

  V.   EXTRACTS are selected extracts of classic works and sources relevant to a current debate on culture, art or humanities. Extracts may be commented.


We welcome any editorial contribution in:

  • proofreading for English, French, German, Latin;
  • web design and Javascript,
  • book formatting.

We also welcome any administrative contribution in:

  • legal advice in English and EU law,
  • communication strategy,
  • accountancy.

We are always receptive to feedback. Your opinion is very important: Which debates would you like to read more often? What could The Carolingian do better?

We make every effort to proofread contents in any language. Despite all reasonable measures, our scrutiny is fallible. Please inform us if you see any spelling mistake or other error.

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