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The Carolingian – Culture, Arts, Æsthetics The Carolingian is open to submissions. We uphold the highest standards of freedom of speech, enabling participation to anyone. We are receptive to learned contributions between 1000 and 5000 words. As a unique multi-lingual journal, we welcome articles and essays in Latin or in any modern language.

The Carolingian is a journal for debate on culture, arts and aesthetics. Whether you write on French poetry, theory of art, the Maori culture, twelve-tone music, cultural history, Internet or social criticism, we offer you an enhanced space and critical readers. Our thematic range is flexible.

Among our contributors and readers we have academics, students, artists, activists, journalists, intellectuals and free thinkers. Our mission is to enable equality of speech and socio-cultural criticism.

The main texts published in The Carolingian are academic articles and literary essays. Our academic articles are peer-reviewed.

The Carolingians were a medieval dynasty. Figuratively, a Carolingian is a supporter of European integration, incentive to the arts and cultural dialogue. While The Carolingian upholds the values of human rights, rule of law and democracy, it seeks to provide dialectic variety for a critical and informed society.


Would you like to use your skills to support cultural debate? Help us build and expand The Carolingian. Currently, we are recruiting skilled volunteers, with a prospect of permanent partnership or employment.

Support is most welcome in the following areas: Proofreading (e.g. for Latin, English, French, German), book formatting, web-design (sound knowledge of Javascript), law (mostly English and European law), accountancy and communication.

You may also offer your contribution as a literary or academic co-editor of The Carolingian and enrich our editorial board. The world needs more cultural debate. Let’s enable it! We can make a difference together.


Your opinion is very important to us: Which debates would you like to read more often? Where did we make a mistake? What could The Carolingian do better? Give us your feedback and help us shape a powerful tool of cultural dialogue!


The Carolingian makes every effort to proof-read, review and revise all its contents in any language. This is a major work involving machines and human eyes, yet despite all reasonable measures our scrutiny is fallible. If you find any spelling mistake or other error, you are most welcome to inform us by e-mail:

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